Shrike, Loggerhead bird pictures

Shrike, Loggerhead bird picturesLOGGERHEAD SHRIKE
629. Lanius ludo vicianus 9 inches

Pure white below and with the markings above intense black instead of the brownish or grayish black of the last species. Although smaller, these Shrikes have the same, destructive habits of the northern species.

All the Shrikes do considerable good to mankind, for they eat quantities of grasshoppers and mice, and probably resort to their diet of small birds when other food is unusually scarce.

It cannot be denied that they are cruel for they often kill more than they can eat and leave it impaled on thorns to decay.

Song. - Of harsh, discordant whistles.

Nest. - In scrubby hedges and thickets; of twigs, weeds, leaves, etc.; eggs four to seven in number, grayish white, spotted with shades of brown and gray.

Range. - Eastern U.S., breeding from the Gulf to southern New England and Manitoba; winters in southern states.

Sub-Species - 629a. White-rumped Shrike (exubitorides), paler and with a white rump; found from the Plains to the Pacific in the U.S.