Seed-eater, Morellet bird pictures

Seed-eater, Morellet bird picturesMORELLET SEED-EATER
602. Sporophila morelleti sharpei. 4 1/2 inches

The male of this interesting little species requires at least three years in which to obtain the perfect plumage as shown in our illustration.

The majority of birds seen will be in intermediate stages of plumage between that of the adult female and this one.

These little fellows are usually found in thickets or patches of briars and are quite tame.

Note. - During the breeding season the male has a sprightly
song similar to that of the Indigo Bunting.

Nest. - The nests are made of fine grass and placed in bushes or young trees. The eggs are bluish green spotted rather evenly with brown (.65 x .48).

Range. - Southeastern Texas and southward into Mexico.