Sandpiper, Pectoral bird pictures

Sandpiper, Pectoral bird picturesPECTORAL SANDPIPER
239. Pisobia maculata. 9 inches.

A peculiar species, having the power during the mating season of inflating the throat to a great extent. They have more the habits of the Snipe than do most of the Sandpipers, frequenting grassy meadows or marshes, and feeding along the muddy flats in place of the sandy beaches.

They are very dark brown above, with much lighter brown edging the feathers, and are white below and on the throat, the breast is brownish.

These are well-known birds, and are called by gunners "Grass Snipe" or "Jack Snipe" as a more common name.

Nest. - Are grass-lined depressions, in which are laid three or four grayish or greenish buff eggs (1.45 x 1.00).

Range - Whole of North America, breeding in the Arctic regions and wintering south of the United States.