Rail, Yellow bird pictures

Rail, Yellow bird picturesYELLOW RAIL
215. Coturnicops noveboracensis. 7 inches.

This is a very handsome species, with plumage of glossy brown, yellowish buff; black and white barred side feathers.

The back is blackish with the feathers edged with white. These small Rails are like field mice, hard to locate or obtain sight of when in the marsh grass.

They object to flying unless forced to do so, and trust to their small size and their agility to get through rushes to avoid being seen.

Nest. - Is placed on the ground and made of grass woven and twisted together; the six to twelve eggs are rich buff color, specked with reddish brown in a wreath about the larger end (1.10 x .80).

Range. - Locally distributed in temperate America from southern California to British Columbia.