Phalorpe, Red bird pictures

Phalorpe, Red bird picturesRED PHALAROPE - Family Phalaropodidae.
222. Phalaropus fulicarius. 8 inches.

These birds are very rarely seen in the United States in their breeding plumage; when they come in the fall nearly all have changed to their winter dress, and they retain this until after they leave us in the spring.

In summer the under parts and neck a reddish brown; sides of the head white; top of head blackish; wings bluish gray crossed by a white band.

The female is the larger and brighter plumaged bird.

Nest. - A hollow in the ground, lined with a few grasses. Three or four eggs greenish buff color, spotted and blotched with brown or black (1.20 x.80).

Range. - Northern hemisphere, breeding in the far north, and in winter migrating to middle portions of United States on both coasts.