Phalarope, Wilson bird pictures

Phalarope, Wilson bird picturesWILSON PHALAROPE
224. Steganopus tricolor. 9 inches.

This is the most handsome species of the family, being of a very graceful form, of a grayish and white color, with a broad black stripe through the eye and down the side of the Deck, where it changes gradually into a rich chestnut color. Bill is long and slender.

It is a bird of the interior, and is only rarely met with on the coasts.

It does not congregate in large flocks, as the two preceding, and is not as often seen upon the water, although a good swimmer.

Nest - Made of grasses on the ground, usually concealed in a tuft of grass near the border of a marsh or pond. Three or four greenish-buff eggs with black markings (1.30x.90).

Range. - Interior of North America, breeding from Canada to southern California and inland to Colorado and Dakota.