Pewee, Wood bird pictures

Pewee, Wood bird picturesWOOD PEWEE
461. Myiochanes virens. 6.5 inches

In life, the Pewee can best be distinguished from the larger Phoebe, with which it is often confounded, by its sad, plaintive "pe-ah-wee," "pee-wee" which is strikingly different from the brusque call of the Phoebe.

Pewees are also found more in high, dry woods where they build their little moss-covered homes on horizontal boughs at quite a height from the ground. Like the other Flycatchers they always perch on dead twigs, where their view is as little obstructed as possible.

Note. - A clear, plaintive whistle, "pe-ah-whee," "pee-wee."

Nest. - One of the most exquisite of bird creations, composed of plant fibres quilted together and ornamented with rock lichens; situated at varying heights on horizontal limbs, preferably oak or chestnut, and sometimes in apple trees in orchards. Eggs creamy white, specked with brown (.80 x.55).

Range. - U.S. from the Plains to the Atlantic and north to Manitoba and New Brunswick; winters in Central America.