Oven-bird bird pictures

Oven-bird bird picturesOVEN-BIRD
674. Seiurus aurocapillus. 6 inches

Crown orange brown bordered by black; no white in wings or tail.

This bird is found in open woods, where it builds its arched nest on the ground among the leaves or pine needles. It is the peculiar oven-like construction of their nests that gives them their name.

They are essentially ground birds, only mounting to the lower branches of trees to sing or when scolding an intruder.

Song. - A peculiar ascending song resembling the word teacher, repeated five or six times and gathering strength and volume with each syllable; call, a sharp chip.

Nest. - Of leaves, strips of bark, and grass arched over the top so as to leave a very small opening; placed on the ground in woods; four to six white eggs spotted with reddish brown (.78 x .58).

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding in the northern half of the U.S. and north to Labrador; winters chiefly south of U.S.