Oriole, Baltimore bird pictures

Oriole, Baltimore bird picturesBALTIMORE ORIOLE
507. Icterus galbula. 7.5 inches

Male orange and black; female dull yellowish and gray. They are sociable birds and seem to like the company of mankind, for their nests are, from choice, built as near as possible to houses, often being where they can be reached from windows. As they use a great deal of string in the construction of their nests, children often get amusement by placing bright-colored pieces of yarn where the birds will get them, and watch them weave them into their homes.

Song. - A clear, querulous, varied whistle or warble; call, a plaintive whistle.

Nest. - A pensile structure, often hanging eight or ten inches below the supporting rim, and swaying to and fro with every breeze. They lay five or six white eggs, curiously scrawled with blackish brown (.90 x .60).

Range. - N. A. east of the Rockies and breeding north to New Brunswick and Manitoba. Winters in Central America.