Nutcracker, Clarke bird pictures

Nutcracker, Clarke bird picturesCLARKE NUTCRACKER
491. Nucifraga columbiana. 12.5 inches

Clarke Crows are found abundantly in all coniferous forest on the higher mountains in their range. They are very peculiar birds, having some of the traits of Woodpeckers, but more of those of the Jays.

They are very active, very noisy, and very inquisitive, sharing with the Rocky Mountain Jay the names of "Camp Robber," "Moose Bird," etc.

They are great travellers and may, one season, be absent where they were abundant the preceding one.

Note. - Various calls and imitations like those of all others of the Jay family.

Nest. - Of sticks, at high elevations on horizontal boughs of coniferous trees. The four eggs have a pale greenish-gray ground, thickly sprinkled with darker (1.25 x .92).

Range. - Mountains of western North America, casually east to Kansas.