Mockingbird bird pictures

Mockingbird bird picturesMOCKINGBIRD

703. Mimus Polyglottos. 10.5 inches

General colors, gray and white; bases of primaries and outer tail feathers with white.

This is the great vocalist of the South, and by many is considered to be the most versatile singer in America. It is found in gardens, pastures, and open woods.

All its habits are similar to our Catbird, and like that species, it is given to imitating the notes of other birds.

Song. - An indescribable medley, sometimes very sweet and pleasing, at others, harsh and unmusical.

Nest. - Usually built in impenetrable thickets or hedges, or again in more open situation in the garden; made of twigs and rootlets, lined with black rootlets; the four or five eggs are bluish green with blotches of reddish brown (.95 x .70).

Range. - Southern U.S., breeding north to New Jersey (and casually farther) and Ohio; winter's in the South Atlantic and Gulf states. 703a. Western Mockingbird (leucopterus) is found in southwestern U.S., north to Indian Territory and California.