Merganser, Red-breasted bird pictures

Merganser, Red-breasted bird picturesRED-BREASTED MERGANSER
130. Mergus serrator. 22 inches.

This species is more abundant than the preceding, and is found commonly on our large ponds, lakes and rivers, more than on the coast.

The male has the head, neck and crest iridescent greenish black, breast brownish with black spots. The female has the head, neck and crown a deep chestnut color and the upper parts and tail a gray in place of the black found on the males.

Nest. - They lay from seven to ten eggs of a creamy buff color, making their nest of moss and grasses, placed under or in tufts of grass or in crevices of rocks; usually lining the nest with feathers (2.50 x 1.70).

Range. - Whole of North America, breeding from central United States to British America.