Meadowlark bird pictures

Meadowlark bird picturesMEADOWLARK
501. Sturnella magna. 10.75 inches

Meadowlarks are familiar friends of the hillside and meadow; their clear fife-like whistle is often heard, while they are perched on a fence-post or tree-top, as well as their sputtering alarm note when they fly up before us as we cross the field.

Song. - A clear, flute-like "tseeu-tseeer," and a rapid sputtering alarm note.

Nest. - Of grasses, on the ground in fields, usually partially arched over. Three to five white eggs specked with brown (1.10 x .80).

Range. - N.A. east of the Plains and north to southern Canada; winters from Massachusetts and Illinois southward.

501.1. Western Meadowlark (neglecta). This race has the yellow on the throat e xtended on the sides; its song is much more brilliant and varied than the eastern bird. It is found from the Plains to the Pacific.

501c. Florida Meadowlark (argutula) is smaller and darker than the common.