Longspur, Smith bird pictures

Longspur, Smith bird picturesSMITH LONGSPUR
537. Calcarius pictus. 6.5 inches

Male in summer with the underparts buffy and sides of head marked with black; female and male in winter much duller with all bright markings covered with a brownish-gray wash.

Like the last species, these are Arctic birds found in winter on the plains and prairies of middle U.S.

They are rarely found within our limits when in their beautiful spring plumage.

They are most always found in company with the following species feeding upon seeds, buds and small berries.

Song. - A sweet warble rarely heard in the United States; a clear "cheer-up" constantly uttered while on the wing.

Nest. - Of grasses, weeds and moss, lined with feathers' located on the ground in similar locations to those of the Lapland longspur. The four or five eggs are similar to those of the Lapland longspur but lighter (.80 x .60).

Range. - Breeds about Hudson Bay and northward; winters in middle United States.