Longspur, M'Cown bird pictures

Longspur, M'Cown bird picturesM'COWN LONGSPUR
539. Rhynchophanes mccowanii. 6 inches

Male with a black crown and patch on breast and chestnut shoulders; female and male in winter dull colored with all bright markings obscured by brownish gray.

These are also common birds on the plains of middle U.S., but perhaps not so much so as the last species with which species they are often found breeding.

These Finches show their close relationship to the famous Skylark of Europe by frequently indulging in the same practice of soaring aloft and descending on set wings, rapturously uttering their sweet song.

Song. - A, shrill, twittering warble; call, a musical chirp.

Nest. - A neat cup of grasses in a hollow in the ground on prairies or in fields. Their four to six eggs are dull whitish clouded with brownish, the marking not being as distinct as in those of the last species (.75 x .55).

Range. - Breeds on the Great Plains from Kansas north to Saskatchewan; winters south to Mexico.