Leucosticte, Gray-Crowned bird pictures

Leucosticte, Gray-Crowned bird picturesGRAY-CROWNED LEUCOSTICTE
524. Leucosticte tephrocotis. 6.5 inches

Female similar to, but duller colored than, the male.

All the members of this genus are western and northern, this one only being found east of the Rockies and then only in winter, when it occasionally is found east of the Mississippi.

They wander about in rocky mountainous regions, feeding upon seeds and berries.

They are very restless and stop in a place but a short time before flying swiftly away, in a compact flock, to another feeding ground.

Note. - An alarm note of a short, quick whistle.

Nest. - Built on the ground, usually beside a rock or in a crevice; composed of weeds and grass, lined with finer grass. They lay three or four unmarked white eggs in June.

Range. - Western U. S., breeding in the higher mountain ranges; in winter sometimes wandering east to the Mississippi.