Kingfisher, Texas bird pictures

Kingfisher, Texas bird picturesTEXAS KINGFISHER
391. Ceryle americana septentrionalis. 8 inches

The adult male of this species has a rufous breast band, while the female has only a greenish one.

The Texan Green Kingfisher is the smallest member of the family found within our borders. You will notice that all Kingfishers have the two outer toes on each foot joined together for about two thirds of their length. This has been brought about through their habit of excavating in sand banks for nesting sites.

It is quite probable that at some future distant period the three forward toes may be connected for their whole length, so as to give them a still more perfect shovel.

Note. - A rattling cry, more shrill than that of the Belted Kingfisher.

Nest. - The four to six glossy white eggs are laid on the sand at the end of a horizontal burrow in a bank, the end being enlarged into a chamber sufficiently large to allow the parent bird to turn about.

Range. - Southwestern border of the United States, from southern Texas to Arizona.