Kingfisher, Belted bird pictures

Kingfisher, Belted bird picturesBELTED KINGFISHER
390. Ceryle alcyon. 13 inches

The male has the breast band and sides blue-gray, like the back, while the female has chestnut-colored sides and breast band in addition to a gray band.

Kingfishers may be found about ponds, lakes, rivers, the seaside or small creeks; anywhere that small fish may be obtained.

Their food is entirely of fish that they catch by diving for, from their perches on dead branches, or by hovering over the water until the fish are in proper positions and then plunging after them.

Note. - A very loud, harsh rattle, easily heard half a mile away on a clear, quiet day.

Nest. - At the end of a two or three foot tunnel in a sand bank. The tunnel terminates in an enlarged chamber where the five to eight glossy white eggs (1.35 x 1.05) are laid upon the sand.

Range. - Whole of North America north to the Arctic regions. Winters from southern United States southward.