Kingbird, Gray bird pictures

Kingbird, Gray bird picturesGRAY KINGBIRD
445. Tyrannus dominicensis. 9 inches

Differs from the common Kingbird in being larger and gray" above; has black ear coverts, and no white tip to tail.

Like the Kingbird, these are very noisy and pugnacious, and rule their domains with the hand of a tyrant.

After they have mated they quarrel very little among themselves, and often several ma ,y use the same lookout twig from which to dash after passing flies or moths.

Note. - A rapidly repeated, shrill shriek: "pe-che-ri," " pe-che-ri."

Nest. - Rather more shabbily built but of the same ma­terials as those used by our common Kingbird. Placed in all kinds of trees, but more often in mangroves, where they are commonly found. Three to five pinkish-white eggs, profusely blotched with brown (1.00 x .72).

Range. - West Indies and Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Winters in the West Indies and Central America.