Kingbird bird pictures

Kingbird bird picturesKINGBIRD
444. Tyrannus tyrannus. 8.5 inches

Adults with a concealed orange crown patch; young with none. From the time of their arrival in May until they leave us in August, Kingbirds are much in evidence in farmyards and orchards.

They are one of the most noisy birds, always quarreling about something, and usually coming off victorious in whatever they may undertake.

Crows are objects of hatred to them, and they always drive them from the neighborhood, vigorously dashing upon and pecking them from above and often following them for a great distance.

They have their favorite perches from which they watch for insects, usually a dead branch, a fence post, or a tall stalk in the field.

Note. - A series of shrill, harsh sounds like "thsee," "thsee."

Nest. - Of sticks, rootlets, grass, string, etc., placed in orchard trees or open woods at any height. Four or five creamy white eggs, speckled and spotted with reddish brown (.9o x .70).

Range. - Breeds from the Gulf to southern Canada.