Kingbird, Arkansas bird pictures

Kingbird, Arkansas bird picturesARKANSAS KINGBIRD
447. Tyrannzus verticalis. 9 inches

These tyrant Flycatchers are abundant west of the Mississippi, where they are often, and perhaps more aptly, known as the Western Kingbirds. If possible, they are even more noisy and pugnacious than the eastern species.

They have a great variety of notes, all rather unpleasant to the ear.

Their food, like that of the other Kingbirds, consists of moths, butterflies, ants, grasshoppers, crickets, etc., etc., most of which they catch on the wing.

Note. - A shrill, metallic squeak; a low twittering and a harsh, discordant scream, all impossible to print.

Nest. - Quite large and clumsily made of paper, rags, twigs, rootlets, and grasses, placed in all sorts of locations, frequently in eave troughs or above windows. The eggs are creamy white, spotted with brown (.93 x .65).

Range. - Western United States, breeding from Texas to Manitoba and west to the Pacific; winters south of U.S.