Ibis, Glossy bird pictures

Ibis, Glossy bird picturesGLOSSY IBIS - Family Ibididae.
186. Plegadis autumnalis. 25 inches.

The neck and body of this bird is a rich dark chestnut color, glossy with purplish on the head; wings and tail glossy greenish black; bill, legs and feet carmine red, bill much curved downward.

This bird is just the same as the White-faced Glossy Ibis which is occasionally found in southern California, with the exception that the latter has the forehead and feathers, bordering the bill, white.

Nest. - Strongly and compactly woven of dead rushes attached to living stalks, and well cupped.

Eggs 3 or 4 deep greenish blue color (1.95 x 1.35).