Heron, Great Blue bird pictures

Heron, Great Blue bird picturesGREAT BLUE HERON
194. Ardea herodias herodias. 48 inches.

This handsome Heron in general color in the adult stage is bluish gray, relieved by a black crest, and black primaries and patches on the sides and a white crown.

Young birds are much duller colored and lack the crest of the old birds. It takes several years for them to obtain their perfect plumage. In the South they breed in large colonies, often in company with many other species.

Nest. - Is usually built of sticks, making a rude platform in the trees near swamps or wet woods. In some localities as many as 40 nests have been found in a single tree.

Three to five eggs of a greenish blue color (2.50 x 1.50).

Range. - North America except the extreme northern part, breeds from British Columbia to southern Lower California.