Grosbeak, Rose-breasted bird pictures

Grosbeak, Rose-breasted bird picturesROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK
595. Zamelodia ludoviciana. 8 inches

Male, black and white with rose breast and under wing coverts; female resembling a large striped Sparrow in color.

The centre of abundance of these beautiful creatures is in the northern half of eastern U.S. In beauty and song he fully atones for what we Northerners lose because of the southerly distribution of the Cardinal.

We find them in swamps, small patches of woods, and, sometimes, in orchards.

They are rather quiet birds, that is they do not move about much, but they can easily be found by their song.

Song. - A rich, full, whistling carol, almost without exception immediately preceded with a sharp chip. Call, a deep-toned chirp.

Nest. - A loose, frail cradle of twigs at low elevations in trees or thickets; eggs bluish green spotted with brown (1.00 x .75).

Range. - U.S. east of the Rockies, breeding in the northern half and in southern Canada; winters in Central America.