Grosbeak, Pine bird pictures

Grosbeak, Pine bird picturesPINE GROSBEAK
515. Pinicola enucleator leucura. 8.5 inches

Male rosy red; female gray and yellowish.
These pretty birds visit us every winter, coming from Canada and northern New England, where they are found in summer.

They are very fearless birds and might almost be regarded as stupid; when they are feeding you can easily approach within a few feet of them, and they have often been caught in butterfly nets.

They may, at times, be found in any kind of trees or woods, but they show a preference for small­growth pines, where they feed upon the seeds and upon seeds of weeds that project above the snow.

Song. - A low sweet warble; call, a clear, repeated whistle.

Nest. - In coniferous trees, of twigs, rootlets and strips of bark; eggs three to four in number, greenish blue spotted with brown and lilac (1.00 x .70).

Range. - Breeds in eastern British America and northern New England; winters south to New York and Ohio. Several sub-species are found west of the Rockies.