Grosbeak, Evening bird pictures

Grosbeak, Evening bird picturesEVENING GROSBEAK
514. Hesperiphona vespertina. 8 inches

Female paler and with white on upper tail coverts. As would be judged from the large bills that these birds have, their food consists almost entirely of seeds, with occasionally a few berries and perhaps insects.

In certain localities they are not uncommon, but, except in winter, they are rare anywhere in the U. S., and east of the Mississippi they can only be regarded as accidental even in winter.

They have been taken several times in Massachusetts. In winter they usually travel about in small bands, visiting localities where the food supply is the most abundant.

Song. - A clear, Robin-like whistle; call, a short whistle.

Nest. - A flat structure of twigs and rootlets placed at low elevations in trees or bushes. Four eggs, greenish white, spotted with brown (.90 x .65).

Range. - Breeds in mountains of western British America and northwestern U.S. South and east in winter to the Mississippi and rarely farther.