Grosbeak, Blue bird pictures

Grosbeak, Blue bird picturesBLUE GROSBEAK
597. Guiraca coerulea. 7 inches

Male, deep blue with chestnut shoulders; female, grayish brown above and grayish white below.

Open woods, small groves, and roadsides are the locations in which these birds will be apt to be found. In some places they are fairly common, but nowhere abundant.

Their habits are very similar to those of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Song. - A rapid varied warble, similar to but louder and stronger than that of the Indigo Bunting.

Nest. - Of twigs, weeds, and grasses, lined with fine rootlets; placed in thickets, bushes, or low trees; four or five plain bluish-white eggs (.85 x .62).

Range. - Eastern U. S., breeding from the Gulf to Maryland and Illinois; winters south of U.S.

Sub-Species. - 597a. Western Blue Grosbeak (lazula). Male of a brighter shade of blue than the eastern; found from the Mississippi to the Pacific, breeding north to Kansas, Colorado, and northern California.