Grackle, Purple bird pictures

Grackle, Purple bird picturesPURPLE GRACKLE
511. Quiscalus quiscula. 12 inches

Male with purple head and greenish back; female brownish gray. All the Grackles are very similar in appearance, the colors varying with different individuals of the same species.

Their habits are alike, too, and I consider them one of the most destructive of our birds.

Note. - A harsh "tchack," and a squeaky song.

Nest. - Of sticks and twigs, usually in pines in the North and bushes in the South. Four eggs, pale bluish gray with black scrawls (1.10 x .80).

Range. - Eastern U. S., breeding north to Mass.
-511a. Florida Grackle (aglaeus), slightly smaller.
-511b.Bronzed Grackle (aeneus), with a purple head and usually a brassy back. Eastern U. S., breeding north to Labrador and Manitoba.