Goose, White-fronted bird pictures

Goose, White-fronted bird picturesWHITE-FRONTED GOOSE
171a. Anser albifrons gambeli. 27 inches.

These birds may be recognized by their mottled plumage, dark head and white forehead; bill and feet orange. They are the most common on the western coast and large numbers of them are sold in the markets.

Their food consists mostly of vegetable matter, frogs, snails,
and insects.

Nest. - These are placed upon the ground in a slight depression and made of dried grasses, feathers and down. Eggs are from four to nine in number, of a dull buff color (3.00 x 2.05).

Range. - Western and central North America, breeds on the Arctic coast south to the lower Yukon Valley, winters from British Columbia to southern California. During the spring flight immense flocks of these birds pass through Oregon and follow down the west coast.