Goose, Canada bird pictures

Goose, Canada bird picturesCANADA GOOSE
172. Branta canadensis canadensis. 38 inches.

This species is the most widely known of the family, and is the most numerous. Its familiar "honk" has long been the signal of the coming spring, and the V-shaped formation in which the flocks migrate is always an object of interest to every one; large birds, with long necks outstretched, wings beating the air in unison, and all following the leadership of one bird in their journey over their invisible path.

Nest. - Of grasses and feathers lined with down, placed on the ground in marshes or near lakes or ponds; four to nine eggs of a buff or drab color are laid (3.50 x 2.50).

Range. - The whole of North America, breeding from northern United States northward, and wintering in the southern part of U.S. to Lower California.