Golden-eye, American bird pictures

Golden-eye, American bird picturesAMERICAN GOLDEN-EYE
151. Clangula clangula americana. 20 inches.

These are handsome ducks, known as "Whistlers," from the noise of their wings when flying, and also "Great-heads," because of the puffy crest.

The head is greenish black with a large round white spot in front of and a little below the eye. The rest of the plumage is black and white.

Nest. - Built in the hollows of trees near the water, lining the cavity with fine grasses, moss or leaves and then lining the nest with feathers, in which they place from 6 to 10 eggs of a grayish color (2.30 x 1.70).

Range. - North America, breeding from Alaska south to the most northern of United States. Winters to southern California and the Gulf Coast.