Eider, King bird pictures

Eider, King bird picturesKING EIDER
162. Somateria spectabilis. 23 inches.

This species is very different from any of the preceding, the crown being of an ashy blue, and the long scapulars black in place of the white of the others. It also has a broad V-shaped mark on the throat and a black crescent between the eye and bill.

Like all of the other Eiders the females are mottled brown and black, the different species being very difficult to separate.

Nest. - These are usually a depression in the ground lined with the down from the breast, and contain from 6 to 10 eggs of a greenish color (3.00 x 2.00).

Range. - Northern North America, breeding along the coast of Siberia, Bering Sea and Arctic coast of America.