Duck, Harlequin bird pictures

Duck, Harlequin bird picturesHARLEQUIN DUCK
155. Histrionicus histrionicus. 17 inches.

A beautiful and most attractive bird as shown in the illustration. It is not the colors alone that make them so attractive, but the way the colors are placed.

The white being in long stripes, crescents or large spots, with black, gray and chestnut.

They are usually found only in pairs among the swiftly running streams, or in the winter in small flocks on the coasts.

Nest. - Is nicely woven of weeds and grasses and lined with
down placed on the ground in crevices of rocks or sometimes in the hollow of a tree. 5 to 8 greenish buff eggs (2.30 x 1.60).

Range. - Northern North America, breeding from Alaska to the central part of California among the mountain streams.