Dowitcher bird pictures

Dowitcher bird picturesDOWITCHER
231. Macro rhamphus griseus. 11 inches.

Bill very long like that of the Snipe. In summer these birds are reddish brown below; more or less specked with black on the breast and barred with black on the sides; above mottled with brown and black, lighter or even white on the rump, crossed with wavy lines of black.

In winter they are gray above and white below. By the gunners known as "Red-breasted Snipe" in the spring and summer and as "Graybacks" in the winter months.

Nest. - Placed in a slight hollow on the ground and lined with grass and leaves; three or four eggs of a greenish buff color boldly marked with brown most heavily about the larger end (1.75 x 1.15).