Cuckoo, Black-billed bird pictures

Cuckoo, Black-billed bird picturesBLACK-BILLED CUCKOO
388. Coccyzus erythrophthalmus. 11.75 inches

Cuckoos are of quiet and retiring habits, but on account of their mournful notes are often regarded with awe by the superstitious. They are one of our most valuable birds, for they consume quantities of the fuzzy Tent Caterpillars that are so destructive.

Their short, rounded wings and long, broad tails give them a silent, gliding flight that often enables them to escape unnoticed.

Note. - A low guttural croak, "cow,"" cow," etc., repeated a great many times and sometimes varied with "cow-uh," also repeated many times.

Nest. - Flat, shabby platforms of twigs placed at low elevations in thickets or on the lower branches of trees. The four greenish-blue eggs are 1.15 x .85

Range. - United States and southern Canada, east of the Rockies. Arrives in May and leaves in September for northern South America.