Creeper, Brown bird pictures

Creeper, Brown bird picturesBROWN CREEPER

726. Certhia familaris americana. 5.5 inches

Tail feathers stiffened and pointed; rump rusty.

These odd birds are fairly common throughout the United States in winter.

They will be found in woods always climbing up tree trunks, carefully investigating every crevice in the bark for larvae or grubs.

When they reach the top of one tree, they drop to the foot of the next and continue the operation.

They are very tame, not seeming to comprehend that danger can befall them, for they will allow any one to approach very closely, so that they have been caught under a hat.

Song. - A very faint trill; call, a weak "tseep," hardly noticeable unless very near them.

Nest. - Of twigs, moss and bark, behind loose bark on dead trees or stumps, usually not high above the ground; eggs white, specked with reddish brown.

Range. - Eastern N.A., breeding from northern New England and Minnesota northward; winters throughout the U.S.