Crane, Whooping bird pictures

Crane, Whooping bird picturesWHOOPING CRANE - Family Gruidae.
204. Grus americana. 50 inches.

This is the largest of the family in America. The plumage of the adults is pure white, with black primaries; the bare parts of the head and face are carmine; eyes yellow; bill and feet black.

These great birds are not uncommon on the prairies of the interior of America.

Nest. - Either upon the solid earth or marshy places on the bogs, the nest being very bulky, a mass of grass and weeds two or three feet in diameter. They lay two eggs of a brownish buff color blotched with shades of brown and gray (3.75 x 2.50).

Range. - Interior of North America, breeding to the Arctic regions and wintering to the Gulf states and southward.