Chuck-Will's-Widow bird pictures

Chuck-Will's-Widow bird picturesCHUCK-WILL'S-WIDOW
416. Antrostomus carolinensis. 12 inches

Male with the end half of the outer tail feathers white, and the edge of the outer vanes rusty; female with no white ends to the feathers.

Birds of this family have small bills but extremely large mouths adapted to catching night-flying moths and other insects.
They remain sleeping during the day, either perched lengthwise on a limb or concealed beside a stump or rock on the ground, their colors harmonizing with the surroundings in either case.

They fly, of their own accord, only at dusk or in the early morning. This species, which is much the largest of our Goatsuckers, is known to, at times, devour small birds, as such have been found in their stomachs.

Note. - A loudly whistled and repeated "chuck-will's-widow."

Nest. - None, the two eggs being laid on the ground or dead leaves in underbrush. Eggs white, blotched with gray and lavender (1.40 x 1.00).

Range. - South Atlantic and Gulf States, breeding north to Virginia and Missouri, west to Texas.