Chewink bird pictures

Chewink bird picturesTOWHEE OR CHEWINK
587. Pipilo erythrophthalmus. 8 inches

A bird of swamps, brushy pastures, and open woodlands.

They are ground birds and usually found scratching among the leaves; the male, with his black, white, and brown clothes, makes a conspicuous object, while the female, with her brown and white dress, harmonizes with the leaves so that it is difficult to see her.

While his mate is sitting on her nest, the male will frequently sit in a tree top and persistently sing for many minutes at a time.

Song. - Loud and clear, "tow-hee-e-e" or "see-tow-hee-e-e," with the last notes tremulous; call, a sharp "cherink."

Nest. - Usually on the ground, but rarely in bushes; of strips of bark, grass, and leaves; eggs white with reddish-brown dots over the whole surface (.90 x .70).

Range. - Eastern N. A., breeding from the Gulf States to southern Canada; winters in southern U.S.

Sub-Species. - 587a. White-eyed Towhee (alleni) has white eyes instead of red and less white on the tail; on the South Atlantic coast.