Chat, Yellow-Breasted bird pictures

Chat, Yellow-Breasted bird picturesYELLOW-BREASTED CHAT

683. Icteria virens. 7.5 inches

Breast yellow, lores black, line over the eye and underparts white; no white on wings or tail.

Dry side hills and ravines covered with thick underbrush are the places to look for Chats. Usually if they are present they will make themselves heard long before you see them.
They are one of the most odd birds both in action and song. They are mimics of the highest order and can make any kind of whistle or squawk, but all their vocal efforts seem to require a great deal of flirting of the tail and twisting of the head.

They even jerk their tail up and down while flying, this making them appear extremely ludicrous.

Song. - A varied medley of whistles and calls.

Nest. - Near the ground in tangled thickets; of grass, weeds, etc.; eggs whitish plentifully specked with reddish brown (.90 x .70).

Range. - Eastern U. S., breeding north to Massachusetts and southern Minnesota; winters in Central America. 683a. Long-tailed Chat (longicauda) is found in the U.S. from the Plains to the Pacific.