Catbird bird pictures

Catbird bird picturesCATBIRD

704. Dumetella carolinensis. 9 inches

General color dark gray with a black cap and chestnut under tail coverts.

This is one of the most common birds throughout the United States, being found equally abundantly in gardens, swamps and scrubby pastures. They are very persistent songsters, and have a large repertoire of notes, as well as being able to imitate those of many other birds.

They delight in spending an hour or more at a time, perched in a bush or tree top, singing, and apparently making their song up as they go along, for it is an indescribable medley interspersed with various mews and cat calls.

Song. - A medley like that of the Mockingbird; sometimes pleasing, sometimes not.

Nest. - In hedges or thickets; made of twigs, rootlets, and grass, lined with fine black roots; the four eggs are plain greenish blue (.95 x .70).

Range. - N.A., breeding from the Gulf to New Brunswick and Hudson Bay; rare west of the Rockies; winters from the Gulf States southward.