Cardinal, Texan bird pictures

Cardinal, Texan bird picturesTEXAN CARDINAL; PYRRHULOXIA
594a. Pyrrhuloxia sinuata texana. 8 1/2 inches

Notice that the bill of this species is very stout and short, more like that of a parrot. The crest is also composed of fewer feathers than that of the Cardinal. It is only in the highest of plumages that the red on the underparts is continuous from bill to tail; usually it is broken into patches.

The female is much duller in color than the male, but always has a strong tinge of rose color. They frequent more open and exposed positions than do Cardinals and are more shy in their disposition.

Nest. - Shabby platforms of twigs and grasses placed at low elevations in thickets. The three or four eggs are whitish, specked with dark brown, most profusely at the large end (.90 x .70).

Range. - Abundant in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas.