Cardinal bird pictures

Cardinal bird picturesCARDINAL
593. Cardinalis cardinalis. 9 inches

Noble in carriage, beautiful of plumage, amiable in disposition and excellent singers are some of the qualifications of these large-billed birds.

They are southern birds, rarely seen in northern U.S. unless in cages, for large numbers of them aretrapped for this purpose, a practice that is being stopped as rapidly as possible by enforcing the laws which protect them.

They are hardy birds, often passing the winter in the northern parts of their range when the ground is covered with snow.

They frequent gardens, plantations, and open woods, where they glean their food of seeds, berries, fruit, and insects.

Song. - A loud, clear, and lively warble; call, a low chip.

Nest. - A frail structure of twigs, in thickets or bushes; eggs greenish blue with reddish-brown spots (1.00 x .73).

Range. - Resident and breeding from the Gulf to New York and Iowa.

593. Florida. Cardinal (floridanus) is supposed to be slightly smaller and brighter.