Canvas-back bird pictures

Canvas-back bird picturesCANVAS-BACK
147. Marila valisineria. 21 inches.

Differs from the Redhead in the shape of its black bill, its blackish forehead, very light colored back and red eyes, the Redhead having yellow eyes. Like the last species, these birds are excellent swimmers and divers, and secure their food from deeper water than many of the ducks.

Their food consists of various fresh water plants and small fish; shell fish and frogs.

These usually command the highest market price, and are much sought after by gunners.

Nest. - On the ground in marshes or sloughs, lined with grass and feathers. 6 to 10 eggs of a pale olive (2.40 x 1.70).

Range. - North America; breeding from central British Columbia south to Oregon and Minnesota.