Buffle-head bird pictures

Buffle-head bird picturesBUFFLE-HEAD
153. Charitonetta albeola. 14 inches.

This handsome little duck is also known as "Butter-ball" and "Dipper-duck," the latter name given to them on account of the ease with which they can disappear under the water.

They are always on the alert and will dive at the flash of a gun. Head iridescent blue, green and purple, and with a large white patch extending from eye to eye, across the back of the puffy crest.

Their flight is very rapid, and they can take wing from the water easier than the majority of ducks.

Nest. - In holes of tree stumps or in the banks along the sides of rivers, 8 to 14 eggs of a light grayish color (2.00 x 1.40).