Bittern bird pictures

Bittern bird picturesBITTERN - Family Herodii.
190. Botaurus lentiginosus. 28 inches.

These are birds of the bogs and marshes, and will keep concealed so closely that one may pass within a few feet of them and they not take flight.

They are known by a variety of names, nearly all of which have reference to their "booming" sound while in the bogs. The most common name given them being "Stake Driver" and again "Thunder Pamper."

They are much variegated with brown and yellowish brown; adults with a long, broad black stripe on either side of the white throat; eye is yellow; bill and legs, greenish yellow.

Nest. - They build in swamps or marshy places, placing their
nest usually in a tussock of grass on some bog surrounded by water.

They lay from three to five brownish colored eggs (1.95 x 1.50).